Financial Independence and the Archetypes of Income

With my research into the goal of Financial Independence I have begun to think more and more about the methods through which we earn income. For most of us, the standard protocol that is embedded within us is that of the Salaryman, the individual who earns income by trading labour to someone else and is remunerated accordingly. This archetype is overwhelmingly present in our lives because it provides additional security. But it is not the only way to earn income. Broadening income streams is a key element towards reducing redundancy in our lives.

I see that there are nine different earning archetypes that we may follow as we live our lives:

  1. Salaryman
  2. Rentier
  3. Capitalist/Industrialist
  4. Trader
  5. Craftsman
  6. Artist
  7. Speculator
  8. Farmer
  9. Celebrity

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