Let’s Planche – The Mega Meta review


  • Meta review of a number of Planche tutorials and articles
  • 30 different sources in total for a variety of the movements
  • Approximate word count is 6200 words
  • Covers prep work, progression schemes, coaching cues, some common trouble
    shooting and advanced movements.

You see a move, it looks incredible, a guy or girl is balancing themselves on their hands with their body parallel to the ground in a straight line. You say┬áholy fuck, I want to do that. You have no idea how to go about it but you’re pretty sure it goes something like this:

  1. Place hands on floor
  2. ?????
  3. Planche

Simple right? I mean, if you can’t get it with that level of instruction it obviously isn’t for you. In this article I want to go through the ????? part of that strategy. There are a huge number of how to instructions out there along with all kinds of videos, motivational instagram posts and other similar photos.

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