Let’s Front Lever – The Mega Meta Review


  • 13 Front Lever Tutorials Condensed + 1 Book
  • Approximately 3900 words
  • Progressions, Coaching Cues, Preparation Work and Advanced Positions

Cause I’m all about that front lever? Yea, that song is terrible but hopefully this blog post won’t be, for a better version check out all about those gains. The front lever is one of the more impressive feats of bodyweight strength. The level of control and overall musculature you need to get into the position and hold it are through the roof. I’ve gone through
a number of different sources to look at the best way of obtaining this move and ascertain where they share similarities and where they differ. My two “canonical” sources are the articles by Coach Sommer and Ryan Hurst. This post is an aggregation of tutorials, I will do my best to cite sources for all of the recommendations within. What you should take away from this post is a meta review of the most prominent Front Lever articles on the net.

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