My name is Nigel and Functionally Mad is my personal blog with a focus upon in depth subject matter writing on whatever takes my interest. It is not a day to day blog of my activities, though sometimes this will be intermingled with the other content. Instead, it is intended as longer form articles that delve deeply into a particular subject.

The intended audience is someone who gets frustrated at the depth of most content on the internet. The 500-750 word article that just scratches the surface, but doesn’t give you any ability to delve deeply into the subject matter itself, to consider pros and cons and to understand where to go next.

As such, each article will typically be at least 3000-4000 words and higher. If it’s not this much then it means I don’t understand the subject matter well enough to distil enough information. As such, I won’t publish it.

My interests at the moment are the following:

* Bodyweight fitness including Gymnastics, Flexibility, Handbalancing, Recovery, Training with Injuries
* Circus and Circus training
* Writing (obviously)
* Financial Independence and managing money
* Reading and reviewing books
* Programming
* Energy Markets (I work in Wholesale Electricity Markets)
* Sleep, Meditation, Mindfulness
* Cooking and Meal Prepping
* Travel
* Mental Health

I’ll try to loosely group subjects together but as my interests change the blog itself will change. I may go back from time to time and revisit various posts in order to improve them.

About Me Personally

As mentioned, my name is Nigel. I’m a New Zealander who now calls Australia home. I’m in my mid to late 20’s. I’ve done a bunch of travel solo around the world, completed a Ph.D on Electricity Market design and currently work professionally in the Energy Sector.

I’m passionate about bodyweight fitness, reading and writing. I’m trying to be a good social member of society but the commitments upon my time are quite large and often something has to give. I like knowing as much as I can about a subject and this blog serves as a way to crystallise that knowledge as well as get it out into the wider world.

Over the past few years I have battled on and off with Depression and Anxiety attacks (severe enough to land myself in hospital thinking I was having a heart attack on one occasion). I spend a lot of time trying to get myself into a good headspace and I may write from time to time about these experiences. After going through such experiences and talking with a lot of people I understand that the stigma is very real. Personally, I’m past that point and feel that if writing about it can help someone then all to the better.